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...the Name

My name is actually Bernardine. My younger sister couldn't pronounce my name when she was a toddler so she'd call me "Benani". Which would later be shortened to Nani. Ardine is just the last six letters of my first name. I came up with this pseudonym in middle school, as a pen name for a story we had to write & publish. I've liked it since, so it has stuck to present day. A long time, yes, I know! That's all there is to it.

...the Person

Permanently striving to learn how to be a better human. Some days are successful others I fail miserably, but such is life.  I was an ESL teacher/trainer for 10+ years. Spanish is my native language. I also have a bachelor's in Product Design but I never got to work in my field. I've also accumulated outsourcing acumen for the last 15 years and parallel to this I run a small BPO.  Proud mom to an apple that didn't fall far from the tree, much to her dislike. Oh, well!

...the Beginning

It was not exciting or shiny like everything new. It was grey & sad. A personal loss left me feeling lost and adrift. Today I still feel as If I'm trying to find myself by experimenting how to translate my perception of life into a still moment. I don't pretend to be a  professional photographer nor an art exposé, even though this page is set as a gallery. It may not be disruptive, groundbreaking, or even to your liking... just my self taught therapy. 

...the Work

I began my visual documenting of my life's nuisances using my Huawei P20 Pro. My phone has upgraded to an Iphone 13 Pro Max as it is also an extension of my BPO that is managed remotely. A Canon rebelSL3 with a kit lens has been added to the inventory.  Anything and everything may go through my lens and provoke a click. In the process of defining a style of my own.  I hope you enjoy it!

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